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Ready to love your life as a mom of neurodivergent child?

If you are low-key wishing your child wasn't so challenging, that you could better relate to other moms, and that you were happier with your life as a mom to a neurodivergent child, snag my 5 ways to start loving your life, that secretly benefit your neurodivergent child, too!

Inside you'll discover...

What may be shattering your relationship with your
ND child

How to ignite your family relationships

Tools to shrink your perfectionistic voices

Put your best email in below to get immediate access to  5 ways to start loving your life that secretly benefit your neurodivergent child, too!

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Plesae note I think SPAM is LAME and refuse to sell your information. However, by entering your information and pressing the "Yes, send me the 5 ways to start loving my life!" button means that you consent to any future emails that will keep you informed before, during, and after the lessons are sent to you, and for any future training events to come, to help you achieve the very best results for you!

Meet me...Hi, I'm Phoebe

I am a wife, and mom of 2 in Denver, CO.  My daughter was diagnosed with Dyspraxia at age 8, and Level 1 Autism at age 10.  As a family, we don't often agree on everything, but some things we enjoy together are movies, dance contests, and signing at the top of our lungs!  I have a professional and educational background as a CPA, but I find my joy helping other women discover their own.

Meet me
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