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Breathe Virtual Wellness Studio is the place you'll find community in your fitness, nutrition & overall wellness habits

Each month we explore a different theme to help keep things fresh and remind you of different aspects to your wellness journey.

Be among friends as you develop and hone your wellness routine. 

Ask questions. Share recipes. Encourage others.

Track your workouts, nutrition, water, weight, and progress photos inside our private app used for our community of women who are actively holding themselves accountable to make wellness habits joyful, and part of their long-term lifestyle.

Access the Breathe Virtual Wellness Studio community and the accountability I offer by grabbing a "Total Solution Package".


When you snag your "Total Solution Package" you gain access to group coaching, and will receive daily inspiration and support in our Breathe Virtual Wellness Studio! 

Find the pack that's right for you, below...

After you sign-up by purchasing your total solution package, you'll get an email inviting you to our Breathe Virtual Wellness Studio and instructions on downloading the BOD app!

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